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3 Effective Tips for Building Self-Confidence When You Feel Inadequate

3 Effective Tips for Building Self-Confidence When You Feel Inadequate

Tips for Building Self-Confidence


Not every one sails through life with a steely disposition and a go-getter attitude. Some individuals are plagued by self-doubt and worry they don’t measure up to their peers. Regardless of whether they were bullied as a child or didn’t receive positive coaching from their parents, the result is still the same: their lack of confidence permeates through just about every aspect of their lives.

If you struggle with confidence issues, it is important to understand you can gradually improve your outlook on life. Consider the following tips to see if they help you to feel more in charge of your life and your future.



(1) Forcing yourself to accomplish tasks will help build your self-confidence.


Focus on areas of your personal or work life you are feeling anxious about and challenge yourself to complete tasks in that area. From greeting strangers to speaking to upper management, the more you push yourself to overcome your fears, the stronger your confidence will grow.


(2) Realize everyone is born with potential and it is up to each of us to live up to ours.

Just because someone may appear more successful and accomplished than you, does not mean they are smarter. It simply means that have done the hard work necessary to live up to their potential. Once you realize success is yours for the taking, your willingness to chase your dreams will grow. Every time you make even the smallest effort to achieve your dreams, you will feel more confident.




    (3) Self-confidence and attitude go hand-in-hand.


    If you are feeling less than confident, force yourself to adopt an attitude of “Yes, I can.” It may take time, but eventually your positive attitude will strengthen your confidence. The adage “fake it until you make it” is certainly true when it comes to becoming more confident.



    You won’t become a more confident person overnight; it will take effort and a firm resolve to shake those fears of inadequacy. When you make a commitment to work on your self-doubt, there is no limit to what you can achieve.