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5 Benefits of Being an Introvert

Benefits of Being an Introvert

Being an Introvert:

Introverts make up one-third to one-half of the population, yet many people still don’t understand them. If you’re an introvert, at some point you might have been stereotyped as shy, boring, or antisocial. For many introverts, though, these descriptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Plenty of introverts aren’t shy, don’t avoid other people, and are just as much fun to be around as extroverts. Introverts also have a unique set of gifts that many extroverts don’t. These five traits make it awesome to be an introvert.


1) Introverts are self-aware.

Introverts spend a lot of time in their minds. This makes them acutely aware of what’s going on with their own thoughts and emotions. While extroverts can be self-aware too, many of them are more focused on what’s going on around them than within them, making self-knowledge a trait that’s more strongly correlated with an introverted personality. When you’re aware of your strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes, you make better decisions and have an easier time creating a life that’s true to your ideals.


2) Introverts are happy on their own.

If you’re an introvert, you probably have no problem being your own best friend. Extroverts often become lonely and unhappy if they can’t go out and mix it up with other people, but introverts are typically satisfied with their own company much of the time. Of course, introverts can get lonely too – everybody needs to spend time with others now and then. But to an introvert, a quiet night at home feels like a treat, not a hardship.


3) Introverts are imaginative.

If you’re an introvert, you probably spend a lot of time in your own mind. Introverts are naturally reflective, and this tends to give them great imaginations. Unlike extroverts, whose attunement to their external environment makes them more prone to getting bored, introverts can usually entertain themselves anytime, anywhere, just by dreaming up a story or finding something to ponder.




    4) Introverts have killer focus.

    Introverts don’t tend to get distracted as easily as extroverts do, since they are more oriented towards their internal world than the world outside them. An introvert who is interested in something has the ability to block out distractions and spend extended periods of time concentrating. This ability to focus can make introverts good students, productive workers, and high achievers in their personal lives.


    5) Introverts typically think before they act.

    Because they live in their minds so much, most introverts prefer to think things through before taking action. Unlike extroverts, who are more likely to think out loud or figure out how to do a project by jumping into it headfirst, introverts tend to plan before they act. If you jot down a script before making a phone call or think through the point you want to make before joining a conversation, you’re likely an introvert. Considering your words and actions ahead of time can help you work and communicate more effectively – just don’t let your thoughtful nature get in the way of your spontaneity!



    Every personality type has its benefits, and even though introverts are sometimes misunderstood, they have many abilities and talents that extroverts lack. If you’re an introvert, you’ve got a lot to be happy about: introverts are thoughtful, imaginative people with plenty of potential to help other people and improve the world.


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