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Izey Odiase is a Website Designer, Digital Online Marketing and SEO Specialist is Las Vegas, NV.

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We all desire success and challenges are inevitable. Sometimes, support and a change of perspective are what we need to get through tough times, achieve our goals and live our dreams. Get inspired and stay motivated with motivational quotes, inspirational speech(es), videos and success articles.



Izey Victoria Odiase - Digital Marketing Specialist

About Izey

Izey Odiase is a Website Designer, Digital Online Marketing and SEO Specialist in Las Vegas, NV. She is passionate about making a digital imprint in the lives of achievers and goal seekers. She helps aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners create and maintain a positive, profitable and productive online presence.

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Izey’s Skills and Expertise

*Website Design and Optimization (WordPress & More)

*Google Analytics and Webmaster


*Google AdWords and AdSense


*Branding and Online Reputation Management

*Bing Advertising

*Link Building (Dofollow and Nofollow)

*Market Research (primary and secondary)

*Data mining

*Consumer Behavior, Targeting and Analysis

*Domain acquisition and trade

*Social Media management (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, GooglePlus, WeHearIt, Yelp, Blogspot, and more).

*Social Media paid advertising and analytics

*Email Marketing

*Technical Writing, Copywriting & Publishing, Article Writing, Blogging.

*Technical Drawing and Design

*Graphic Design

*Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Access, etc.)

*Sales Forecasting and Expense Budgeting


*Data Analysis and ROI Reporting

*Amazon Sales Management

*Salesforce (CRM)