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Performing Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness


Performing random acts of kindness is a cost effective way of giving to others and the community. Random acts of kindness are exactly what the phrase indicates; being nice for the sole purpose of helping others and making others feel good.


Volunteering can sometimes seem like a time-consuming, daunting project. With work schedules, daily stressors, family obligations, money problems, etc., it is difficult to find extra time to give. The wonderful thing about performing random acts of kindness is that there is no need to sign up as a volunteer, no set place to go for a set time period on a regular basis, and it gives us the chance to regularly think up new ways to be kind.




    Here are some suggestions on random acts of kindness. Some may be fairly obvious, others may be surprising.


    • Pay for a meal in a cafeteria or fast food restaurant for the person in line in front of you.
    • Offer to shovel the walkway or mow the lawn for an elderly or disabled neighbor.
    • Offer to hold something for someone whose hands are full and who is struggling to get through a doorway.
    • When you see someone stranded by the side of the road, ask them (from the safety of your own locked car) if there is someone you can call for them.
    • If someone leaves their headlights on at work, at a restaurant, or store, inform him or her, if you know who it is. Otherwise, inform management.
    • Pay the toll for the person in the car behind you.
    • Put a thank you card in your mailbox for the postal worker to see when delivering your mail.
    • Attach inspirational notes when you send in your bills. You’ll be sure to brighten someone’s day.
    • Bring coffee and donuts to the office for your co-workers.
    • Offer to help someone with a project or homework (within reason)
    • Let someone know when his or her shoe is untied.
    • Pick one day to set an auto-responder to your email that sends a note back to thank people for their email and wish them a nice day.


    For more ideas, please visit The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation